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Refrigerant Flow

ProSpace™ Variable Refrigerant Flow Ductless HVAC Systems

Trane® ProSpace™ Variable Refrigerant Flow ductless systems deliver comfort, precise temperature control and quiet operation. Trane ProSpace VRF ductless systems are available in a broad choice of tonnage capacities in either smaller mini or larger modular units, and in either heat pump or heat recovery configurations. Modular systems are available in either air-source or water-source designs. With so many available choices, there’s a Trane ProSpace variable-refrigerant system to best meet the needs of your space — or your entire building.

Among the cassette Variable Refrigerant Flow solutions available from Trane, is the new Trane ProSpace Ductless Circular Cassette, which utilizes a unique 360° circular airwave design to deliver reliable, even cooling and heating for single spaces.

The complete portfolio of Trane® ProSpace™ Variable Refrigerant Flow systems include:

Outdoor Units, Mini Outdoor Units, Cassette Indoor Units, Concealed Indoor Units, High Wall and Floor Ceiling Units, Individual Zone Controls, Centralized Controls, System Controls, and Integrated Building Control.

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